VA Driver Improvement Course Frequently Asked Questions

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In Virginia, the NSC Online Driver Improvement Course can be completed for the following reasons:

  • Satisfy a court order or DMV requirement
  • Dismiss a ticket or traffic violation
  • Reduce points and/or fines associated with a traffic violation
  • Lower your insurance rates – Note: if you choose Insurance as your reason for taking the course, you will NOT receive Safe Driving Points and your completion will NOT be transmitted to the VA DMV.
  • Voluntarily earn 5 Safe Driving Points to your driving record

You will need to let us know your reason for taking the course when you register.

Yes! The National Safety Council Online Driver Improvement Course is fully approved by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to meet all requirements for point and fine reduction, insurance discounts, and Safe Driving Points.

If the VA DMV is ordering you to complete a driver improvement course, you will receive notice in the mail mandating that you attend. A court may also order you to complete a driver improvement course at your court date.

If you need court permission to reduce points or fines/fees with a driver improvement course, contact your court before your court date to request permission to do so. Generally, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You hold a valid, non-commercial Virginia driver’s license.
  • You have been cited for a minor moving violation.
  • You do not have any outstanding violations on your record.
  • Your license has not been suspended or revoked.
  • You are at least 20 years old.

If you still are unclear as to whether you qualify for a Virginia driver improvement course, contact your court and request more information concerning your specific circumstances.

To find out if you’re eligible for an insurance discount for completing this course on a voluntary basis, simply contact your insurance provider.

NOTE: If you take the NSC Online Driver Improvement Course to reduce your insurance premium, you will not be eligible to receive Safe Driving Points. If a court assigns you to complete a driver improvement course, you will not be eligible to receive the insurance premium reduction.

You may take the course once every 24 months (2 years) for point reduction or to receive 5 Safe Driving Points. If you are taking it as part of a court order, or for ticket dismissal/fine reduction, there is no limit to the number of times you can complete the course.

Set your own schedule! You can choose to complete the entire course in one sitting, or break it up into smaller sessions. Log in and out as much as you want. With our convenient bookmark feature, each time you log in the course will pick up right where you left off.

The National Safety Council Virginia Online Driver Improvement Course meets the state-mandated 8-hour length requirement. You may choose to work through the course all at once, or break it up over several days. You will have 60 days to complete the course once you begin.


Our Online Driver Improvement Course focuses on teaching you safer driving habits. Our interactive and adaptive content keeps you engaged, allowing for better knowledge retention.

Topics include:

  • Safe driving strategies
  • Impaired driving
  • Traffic laws
  • Emergencies on the road
  • Distracted driving behaviors

Yes. The final exam is 25 multiple-choice questions, and you will need to achieve a passing score of 80% or higher. You get unlimited retakes on the exam if you do not pass on your first try — so you’re guaranteed to pass the course! You may only attempt your exam once per day, per Virginia state law.

Before the final exam, each of the 7 sections of the NSC Online Driver Improvement Course ends with a 5-question quiz reviewing important content. You’ll be required to answer all questions correctly before moving on to the next section. For any incorrect answers, you’ll receive instant feedback. You can retake your quizzes an unlimited amount of times to reinforce your learning along the way and prepare for the final exam.

For all drivers required by the VA DMV to complete a driver improvement course, and those with a VA driver’s license completing the course to satisfy a Court order or on a voluntary basis, NSC will electronically submit your completion information to VA DMV within 24 business hours. NSC will even email you an official VA DMV certificate of completion 24 business hours following your successful course completion!

Immediately upon completion, a National Safety Council (NSC) certificate will be available for you to download and/or print. The NSC certificate CANNOT be used for official VA DMV purposes. (You will receive your DMV certificate by email, as noted above.) The NSC certificate may be used for ASAP and RADEP purposes, or as proof of completion for court-required drivers with licenses issued by a state other than Virginia, only.

In the state of Virginia, many students are required to turn in a certificate to the court and may have to appear in court.  Contact the DMV if you have questions. The DMV standardized certificate, “Online Driver Improvement Clinic Certificate of Completion (DIC 552B)” is the only document that will be accepted by the Department and the Courts as proof of completion of an online driver improvement course.  If the certificate is presented to DMV, it must be printed on 8½” x 11″ plain white bonded paper. DMV will not accept certificates printed on color or special designed paper or paper with any form of advertisement on the front or back of the certificate. DMV will not accept any certificates that have been altered in any way.

Request at your hearing that you intend to complete the state-approved NSC Online Driver Improvement Course. The court or DMV will determine whether you may receive a 5-point credit for completing the course. After completing the course, submit your completion certificate to the court or DMV by the deadline you were given.

Contact the court and request permission to take a driver improvement course. Depending upon the county in which you received your ticket, you may do so by phone or mail, or you may need to appear on the date listed upon the citation. Note that you may only reduce points through a driver improvement class once every two years. The court will give you a deadline by which you must submit your course completion to earn your point reduction. After completing the course, submit your completion certificate to the court by the deadline you were given.

Contact your court and request permission to take a driver improvement course for fine reduction.
While you may not be able to remove points based upon your violation – or you’ve already taken a point reduction course in the last 24 months (2 years) – you may still request to take a course for the reduction of fines and court fees. You may do so by phone, mail, or you may need to appear at the date listed upon the citation (county-depending). After completing the course, submit your completion certificate to the court by the deadline you were given. If you paid your reduced fee up front at your court date, you won’t need to complete any more steps at this time. If you did not pay your fee at your court date, you will be informed how much your reduced fine will be. You will then pay your fee at this time.

Drivers holding a VA driver’s license may take a driver improvement course for Safe Driving Points once every 24 months (2 years). When voluntarily taking this course, you won’t have any court or DMV deadline to meet. Work at your own pace! 24 business hours after course completion, NSC electronically reports your completion information to VA DMV.

First, check with your insurance provider to request permission and confirm eligibility requirements.
Most providers have the same basic requirements, but check to make sure your driving history grants you eligibility to reduce your insurance rate. After completing the National Safety Council Online Driver Improvement Course, submit your completion certificate to your insurance company.
Your insurance company will notify you of your new insurance rate and when it will take effect; or your discount will be processed immediately and your next bill will be lower. Some companies will retroactively credit you from the time you enrolled in the course; others will begin your discount when they receive your certificate of completion. Enjoy your insurance discount!

If you are required by the court to complete a driver improvement course, the court will determine if you are to be awarded Safe Driving Points. You must furnish documentation from the court to National Safety Council before the VA DMV can award points. Safe Driving Points will not be awarded if NSC does not receive this documentation.

If you hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or committed an offense while operating a commercial motor vehicle, and you are required to attend a driver improvement clinic, you must satisfactorily complete a commercial driver improvement clinic designed specifically for commercial drivers. An online driver improvement course will not meet the requirements of a commercial driver improvement clinic. For more information regarding commercial driver improvement clinics, visit the VA DMV site:

Make sure you’ve received credit for your course, that your violation isn’t erroneously outstanding and / or that you have received all points that the court granted for successful completion. If you’ve also been allowed to receive 5 Safe Driving Points for completing your course, they will also appear on your record.

Check your driving record by logging in to the VA DMV website: