Stay Involved

Stay Involved

January 22, 2018 Teen Driving

The most important thing you can do for your new teen driver is to stay involved in their driving life. Your teen might find it intrusive and you might feel that you don’t always have the time, but it’s important. Even though they’ve completed driver’s ed and they have a license, your input, advice and guidance is critical to helping your teen driver become a safe, responsible member of the driving community.

By spending some time as a passenger while your teen driver—30 minutes a week is good, an hour is better—you can get a handle on what they’re doing right…and where they need some help. Not sure where to start? Checkout the Digital Driving Coach for some practice lessons. They’re great to use for beginners or as a jumping off point for teens that have more driving experience.

Rules are also important. They help set guidelines for your teen driver—and you—so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to driving safety and responsibility. Setting up the ground rules helps you head off questions like:

  • “How late can I drive?”
  • “Can I have the car on Friday night?”
  • “Can I give my friends a ride?”
  • “Can I drive to the concert across town?”
  • “Who’s paying for insurance?”
  • “Do I need to put gas in the car before I come home?”

Our New Driver Deal is a paren-teen agreement which helps you set rules and expectations for your household. We provide the framework, based on best practices and GDL, but we also encourage parents to add additional rules that make the most sense for your household.

So, read through the site and take advantage of our resources—we have everything you need to put your teen on the road to a lifetime of safe driving.

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