Distracted Driving: One Call Can Change Everything

Distracted Driving: One Call Can Change Everything

January 13, 2017 Teen Driving

Many distractions exist while driving, but cell phones are a top distraction because so many drivers use them for long periods of time each day. Almost everyone has seen a driver distracted by a cell phone, but when you are the one who is distracted, you often don’t realize that driver is you. Learn more about distracted driving.

Distracted Driving Research Statistics

NSC has compiled a large amount of research on distracted driving, including data on:

  • Crashes
  • Hands-free devices
  • Cognitive distraction
  • Texting while driving
  • Cell phones compared to alcohol-impaired driving
  • Teens and young drivers
  • Evaluation of laws and enforcement

You can find research and statistics on these and many other topics here.

Hands-free is Not Risk-free

With some state laws focusing on handheld bans and carmakers putting hands-free technology in vehicles, it’s no wonder people are confused. However, while many drivers honestly believe they are making the safe choice by using a hands-free device, it’s just not true. Your brain remains distracted by the conversation. Learn more about distracted driving.

Employers Bring About Change

While no state has a law prohibiting all cell phone use while driving, employers are putting policies in place banning the use of handheld and hands-free devices to eliminate cell phone distracted driving and keep their employees safe. Learn more about distracted driving.

Free Cell Phone Policy Kit
To help make it easier to put a policy together, NSC has created a free kit with all the materials you need to build leadership support for a cell phone policy and tools to communicate to employees.Download the kit

What’s new?

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Did you know there is a lot you can do to help prevent distracted driving?

  • Stop using your phone while driving
  • Use social media to tell others about the dangers of cell phone distracted driving
  • Take the pledge to drive cell-free
  • Learn more about Distracted Driving Awareness Month

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